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Up Yer Bum

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  1. Encouraging injectors to switch to less risky forms of drug administration is a valuable harm reduction approach for some individuals. The UYB leaflet, developed by drug users and health professionals, provides a step-by-step guide to taking drugs up the bum.
  2. Aug 02,  · Up Yer Bum Charity Events. raising awareness of bowel cancer, sharing support networks, fundraising and supporting charities such as Bowel .
  3. How is Up Yer Bum abbreviated? UYB stands for Up Yer Bum. UYB is defined as Up Yer Bum rarely.
  4. This month in , PETER & THE TEST TUBE BABIES released the single RUN LIKE HELL / UP YER BUM, (June ). “This bloody great big geezer said ‘Ere mate, that’s my girl’” “I didn’t want no trouble SO I RAN LIKE BLOODY 'ELL!” Big indie hit, straight to No. 2 in the summer of ’82, RUN LIKE HELL and live favourite UP YER BUM.
  5. Up Yer Bum Lyrics: When a cops gonna nick yer, when yer dad's gonna hit yer / When the bird you're with is rough, when you can't drink enough / Up yer bum, up yer bum, up yer bum, up yer bum / Up, up.
  6. • Yer bum’s oot the windae. Translation: You’re talking nonsense. • You’re a long time deid. Translation: Lighten up, you’ve got plenty of time to be a misery after you die. • Lang may yer lum reek. (lum = chimney, reek = smoke) Translation: I wish you well for the future. • Guid gear comes in sma’ bulk.
  7. Jul 23,  · Pain is another possible risk, which is why it’s important to go slow and make sure that the area is thoroughly lubricated, she says. (Just, um, maybe don't use a lube you know you're allergic to.).
  8. Up Yer Bum Cabaret Show is BACK! November With being our inaugural charity Cabaret show taking place at Madame JoJo’s (London) on 25th September, called (aptly) “Up Yer Bum” we have held another two shows in London since.

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